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EMC Storage solutions for tactical deployment

Information is critical to the fight



Nowhere is the intersection of operational data and storage technology more dramatic than on the battlefield. While commercial enterprises rightly claim that information is the key to business success, in war fighting it can literally be the difference between mission accomplishment or failure.

The military requires transportable data storage that has been optimized for deployment in the field—where challenging conditions are the norm. This means compact, light weight, and highly available storage that requires little training and is easy to use even for those with only basic technical skills. It needs to be scalable, cloud-ready, and designed to maximize virtual environments. Finally, access to data has to be fast, secure, and reliable. Back-up windows are short. And bandwidth is limited.



A storage platform designed for the edge

Application-driven storage management that works the way you do

Keeping storage management simple

Optimazing bandwidth usage through client-side deduplication

Leveraging cloud technologies to ensure high availability

Redefining tactical networked storage

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